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I hate meditation. It’s just not for me.

(Hint: That used to be me) When I first tried meditation, it was hell.  Literally, it felt like the absolutely worst thing in the world.  I sat there, wondering if everyone else was as miserable as I was, wondering how much longer we were to have to sit there, going over all of the things [...]

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Remembering Jewelry.

Being present is a practice.  Remembering to pay attention to your attention, is HARD.  The details, noise, issues all around us suck us in and we can get lost really quickly.  By lost, I mean stuck in our minds, stuck on auto-pilot, stuck reacting instead of mindfully responding with grace.  Forgetting that we are so [...]

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The Power of Perspective: Practice, Practice.

We've all experienced how powerful it is to keep things in perspective. Essentially,  it's what keeps us from losing our sh-t when the going gets tough. We all get it in theory, but that doesn't mean we can always DO IT. There are parts to perspective that we can break down and practice, to increase our [...]

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Squeeze in a workout or meditate? I don’t have time for both.

Every now and then, aka often, my schedule is just nuts between working full time, being a full time mom (no sitters), my husband's crazy work schedule... and I can only squeeze in, say, 30 minutes of time to myself. Let me interject for a second -- If you are thinking, sheesh, I'd LOVE to [...]

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