Don’t believe everything that you think.

Our mind can be a wonderful tool or an incredible liability. It has the best of intentions, trying to keep us safe and watch out for potential danger, and doing it's best to come up with judgments that we can count on... however, quite limited and dysfunctional thanks to relying on past conditioning and the [...]

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Handling something like Tribeca.

Halloween on Tuesday, as we got our kids ready to head out trick or treating, we got word about what was happening in Tribeca.  Running into other parents, asking in hushed voices if there was any update, wondering if anyone else was worried about taking the kids out given the situation.  Some kids getting wind [...]

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Dealing with Past Pain

Our past is IMPORTANT.  Everything that has every happened is a learning opportunity and we want to get as much out of it as possible. That means facing the pain of whatever happened as openly and honestly as possible and taking full responsibility for how it provided us an opportunity to grow...   What USUALLY [...]

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We are limited by our perceived limitations

Yes, there are real, true limitations but most of us will never come against those real limitations because we stop far short of that level of accomplishment.   Our brain says "I can't" and we believe it, so we don't really strive. We settle.   Here's the thing - if we KNEW about our incorrect, [...]

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Getting Stuck on Why

Particularly when something painful happens, we desperately want to understand WHY and HOW.   It is a natural, vital, survival mechanism:  we seek a reasonable, understandable CAUSE for the pain, so we can give ourselves a sense of security.  If we can understand why and how this happened, we can take some action around not [...]

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How I really feel about the new Taylor Swift song.

I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since I took Talia to her Speak Now concert at MSG in 2012. She was so positive and gracious and talented musically.  I thought that she was a fabulous role model for young girls.  She made positive music, was generous and grounded with her fans and her messaging. [...]

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