Music from our childhood holds keys to our present health.

I was driving in San Jose today, on a In-N-Out run, and a classic rock station was on.  The first song that come on was Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp.  That song was pure joy from my childhood.  Everyone in my family loved that song, and whenever it came on, no matter what [...]

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Putting It Together: Respecting Feelings AND Boundaries

We all have a right to our feelings and we need to respect those feelings, both our own and others - but we need to hold ourselves and others to skillfully respond/handle those emotions in a constructive way.  Skillfully navigate our feels by owning how we choose to behave in the face of our feelings [...]

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Boundaries. We gotta talk about those.

Last week I wrote about how respecting feelings is essential for health -- well, there's an equally important other side of this equation, and that is about boundaries. This is exponentially harder than simply respecting feelings, because it relies on our ability to respect feelings and so much more. I define boundaries as what we [...]

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Why is Respecting Feelings Vital to Health?

We cannot be healthy without respecting our feelings,  and we can't have healthy relationships without respecting the feelings of the people in our lives, and having them reciprocate by respecting our feelings. And yet, this is something that I find to be so lost and missed in most people's awareness and skill set. It was a huge [...]

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The Power of Flow aka Being in the Zone.

You know when you see a basketball player go on a hot streak, sinking three after three in an unbelievable, super human feat of accuracy and consistency? In Find More Strength, I talk a lot about the 5 pillars -- 5 practices to help us build inner strength, day by day, moment by moment, so when we face [...]

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Wonder Woman Inspiration: Are we deserving?

It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. - Wonder Woman If you haven't yet seen Wonder Woman, don't worry, I won't spoil it for you... but I will share one quote that happens at a key point in the film, that literally made me audibly exclaim YES! It [...]

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The two most important things to focus on in your relationships.

If we are looking for healthy relationships, either in our personal lives or our professional lives, it all fundamentally comes down to Trust and Respect.  If we do not have Trust and Respect, we are not going to have a foundation to connect from, and to flow with, the challenges (aka opportunities) and changes that [...]

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The Power of “Mood” Music for Building Inner Strength

I know I am a bit of a broken record: practicing Gratitude, Compassion, Courage, Surrender and Openness/Curiosity, as much as possible, and remembering to practice especially when it is easy, is the key to building inner strength, and building inner strength is the key to moving towards inner peace. Practice, Practice, Practice. Sometimes it is hard [...]

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The Power of Guilt vs. Shame

Understanding the difference between Shame and Guilt is huge... Both for ourselves and the people in our lives that we love. Guilt is the feeling of not being good enough. Whenever we make a mistake, we feel like we let someone down, and we feel Guilty. From Guilt we can look at the situation and learn [...]

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