Taking Ownership = Getting Out of Our Own Way

Our brain loves to blame things (and people!) outside of ourselves for the "bad things" that "happen to us"... And this is exactly the kind of thing that is getting in the way of our greatness. I don't know about you, but I catch my brain trying to blame all the time... and then there are [...]

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Inner Scientific Exploration and Experimentation: Dive in.

I've always loved science.  Simply put, I always wanted to figure out EVERYTHING, and science is about that exploration and absolute knowledge.  It is just a hypothesis until you do your research and have repeatable experiments to prove either what you thought or, proved something different than you thought.  There wasn't (or isn't) an area [...]

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Gratitude is X Marks the Spot for Abundance

OK, picture a pirate treasure map.  X marks the spot for where you need to go to find the treasure, right? That X is at a particular longitude and latitude location -- a real place that one can find and start digging. Here's the weird thing that I have discovered: GRATITUDE is X Marks the [...]

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Everyone is doing their best.

But, they aren't doing their best! They need to do better! (the last part is always true, but the first, not so much) Have you ever thought that about someone? Or some variation of it? They aren't trying hard enough? They aren't caring enough about this? They aren't looking at this the right way? That [...]

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Meditation isn’t a Magic Pill. (My Infamous Tin Jar Analogy)

So yeah, I talk about mediation all the time and how life changing it has been for me, but I need to be crystal clear about something: Meditation isn't a magic pill. Meditation alone will not solve all of your problems. I explain inner growth and healing as kinda like opening up a tin jar [...]

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Let’s Stop Torpedoing our Relationships

I'm going to get right to it -- no matter the faults of your partner, I promise that YOU are doing something that is torpedoing your relationship... and I want you to know what it is so you can stop. Here's the thing: we know our partner isn't perfect, right? But our brain has this [...]

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6 Steps to Surviving Family Holiday Stress… with Grace. Maybe.

We all have them... the family members that are painful to be around.  Offensively, deep to your core values painful, not just "let's listen to Santa Baby on repeat" painful. No judgments, no right or wrong, let's just talk about how to get through it without letting it kill our vibe. First, practice these skills [...]

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