It’s fundamentally true and so critical, but most of the time we don’t realize it: every action we take is creating our life. If we choose to work or choose to procrastinate, if we choose to be brave and have the tough conversation or if we choose to stay silent. If we choose to do that workout and eat real, nutritious food or if we choose crap.  Each moment we are literally writing our life.

How aware are we of this?

The more aware we can be, the more we can consciously choose what we DO, what action we take, instead of letting our subconscious brain choose on autopilot, which means that our habits and past conditioning is what is ruling our life, and therefore however our life currently is, it will likely stay the same. Things won’t get BETTER. We won’t GROW. How sustainable are our current actions and choices? If we were to make choices like this forever, what would our life end up looking like? If we are at our death bed looking back?
Think about it.

The first step is AWARENESS.

The second step is SKILLFULLNESS.

Can we choose our actions with skillful intention, true to our core values and in alignment with our long term goals? Delaying gratification? Getting out of our comfort zone?

Not easy stuff, but this is how we change our lives.

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