Soft skills in the workplace can make the difference between tremendous success and mediocre performance. Whether it is a one-off presentation, or continued programming and consulting, I can delivery clarity, inspiration and skillfulness that can EMPOWER GREATNESS.

“Pamela helped signal to our employees that we were serious about organizational improvement and change. Her unique ability to listen and empathize resonated well with our staff, who felt both heard and acknowledged. Her transparency and sharing set a great example for everyone at our company.

Pamela has a unique ability to listen and relate to employees and managers alike. Her diversity of experience provided her with an instant legitimacy, and she immediately became a resource that all of our employees wanted more access to.”
-Kenneth Natori, President, The Natori Company


Trust, respect and communication breaking down?

There’s skills training for that.


Team not working to maximum potential?

There’s skills training for that.


Vision, Mission, Values.

Lack of clarity and alignment clouding execution?

There’s skills training for that.

Are you ready to
step into your power?

Ready for spiritual strength?

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

14 + 13 =


Insight and skills to make the most of each opportunity for greatness.

Pamela is our modern day Yoda, providing a deeply spiritual and insightful guide like no other. Her words resonate and inspire. I personally cannot stop thinking about the 5 pillars, it feels like I suddenly see them everywhere I turn.

– Professor Amal Shehata
New York University Stern School of Business

Pam's spirituality, honesty, and open approach to becoming your personal best and to self-forgiveness is so uplifting and accessible. I truly believe her message will inspire you, as it inspires me!

– Dr. Whitney Bowe
Renowned Dermatologist

I've known Pamela for 15 years and how she lives her life shows that she knows what she is talking about. Read her book.

– Josie Natori
CEO & founder of The Natori Company


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Lovingly find the middle path, don’t fear the edges.

Discipline is tricky. On one hand we have fear of the things that can (and do) go "wrong". We inadvertently fragilize our kids to try and keep them safe and happy, and try to keep us sane. On the other hand, we lose our cool when they "misbehave". Then we yell or...

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Mindfulness is how we harness the power of our attention

The first session in my new Peace Power Parenting program is all about mindfulness and self awareness.    What is mindfulness?  And why the heck does self awareness matter?    I define being mindful as being aware of our attention. What are we shining that powerful...

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Make Progress To Find Your True Inner Strength

Practice makes progress.   Your skills develop over time with constant focus and attention. You're going to have difficult challenges and hard to accept failures. Move past those barriers. Don't give up. Keep focusing on making progress and learning from those...

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