How often do you think about the fact that your body is made up of approximately 3 trillion cells, all working together to allow you to exist here as a human being?  Every single body is an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE.   There is no way that science or engineering or any human intellectual understanding can explain or recreate the wonder that is your body.  You can keep looking deeper and be blown away by how perfect it all is, that all the cells can communicate, collaborate, orchestrate EVERYTHING that is simultaneously going on to allow your health to sustain any kind of meaningful quality of life.

I was really sick over the last few weeks, probably the flu or something like it, and I was DOWN.  I got basically NOTHING done.  A little virus and boom, there’s no self care, no laughter, no learning, no being of service to anyone, no creativity… basically no real quality of life.  But fortunately, it was just a virus and my immune system ROCKS and I got better so I can go back to being the awesome human being that I am. I was humbled and reminded to feel the deepest gratitude and love for my body.​.. and EVERY BODY. 

And I was reminded how ridiculous and UNTRUE and unhealthy it is that we have been programmed in our society (thank you advertising industry for objectifying and sexualizing these beautiful bodies that we have been gifted with) to look at ANY body and think that it is anything other than perfection, even with all of the unique differentiating features that our brain judges as better or worse than others.  This isn’t TRUE and it isn’t HEALTHY.

It is literally like looking at a sunset or a mountain and thinking, “eh, that one is ugly.”

Have you ever looked at a sunset and thought, “nah, that one isn’t beautiful.”??

I sure haven’t.  Every sunset is wonderful and stunningly beautiful.  And that is exactly how we need to be appreciating the wonder that is each of our bodies.  We need to love the heck out of our bodies and be grateful for how amazing they are.  We need to be deeply respectful of all of the hard work our bodies are doing and care for them with the best level of care we can.  This includes our food and water intake, our sleep, our exercise, our thoughts, everything.  Our bodies deserve and need that care.  Our bodies are AMAZING.  And beautiful and wonderful.  Each and every one.


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