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Dealing with Past Pain

Our past is IMPORTANT.  Everything that has every happened is a learning opportunity and we want to get as much out of it as possible. That means facing the pain of whatever happened as openly and honestly as possible and taking full responsibility for how it provided...

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We are limited by our perceived limitations

Yes, there are real, true limitations but most of us will never come against those real limitations because we stop far short of that level of accomplishment.   Our brain says "I can't" and we believe it, so we don't really strive. We settle.   Here's the thing - if...

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Getting Stuck on Why

Particularly when something painful happens, we desperately want to understand WHY and HOW.   It is a natural, vital, survival mechanism:  we seek a reasonable, understandable CAUSE for the pain, so we can give ourselves a sense of security.  If we can understand why...

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Take your power back.  Now.

We don't realize it, because if we did, we would make this our TOP PRIORITY.   I am talking about taking our power back.  I am talking about to STOP giving our power away to things and people that we do not in any way want to empower, and instead, to keep the power...

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It’s all about inside out.

One of the fundamental reasons why we suffer and why we don't achieve all that we can achieve is that we do not intrinsically feel worthy of love, or "good enough" from the inside out -- I will repeat that, because it is so important.  We need to figure out how to...

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Back to the basics

Many years ago I started on this quest for health and happiness, and naturally started from the outside in, because that is what our culture focuses on. Look good, feel good, right? So I educated myself on nutrition and exercise and made the changes that led to a huge...

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How I really feel about the new Taylor Swift song.

I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since I took Talia to her Speak Now concert at MSG in 2012. She was so positive and gracious and talented musically.  I thought that she was a fabulous role model for young girls.  She made positive music, was generous and grounded with...

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Focus on your Core Values

Have you given much thought to your core values?   These principles or virtues are like points on a compass, keeping us on track when things are stormy or unclear.   They dictate how we want to live -- both internally and externally -- and empower us to be our best...

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New Year, Clean Slate

It's the New Year, and starting off with a clean slate feels really good, doesn't it?  Let's not take anything with us from last year, and let's live this year to the fullest.   One of the principles that I live by may not make a lot of sense to our head: Take no...

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Setting Intentions & Manifesting

When we mindfully set intentions, it's like planting seeds.  We have the opportunity to start "sprouting" something that we want to bear fruit. There is a real way that we can plant our intentions with more power, and there are real ways that we can nourish our...

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Everything we think about falls into one of two buckets.

The second we are thinking, we are out of the present moment.  Therefore, whatever we are thinking about inherently falls into one of two buckets:  either it already happened or it hasn't happened yet.  Often times we get confused and jumbled up and THINK that...

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