Illumination appreciation.



There are so many brilliant people I have been lucky enough to learn from and be inspired by — this work is a practice, not a destination, and I surround myself with as much illumination as possible.

Here, for your reading, watching and following pleasure:
The Illuminati Page of Honor


Brene Brown, Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Danielle LaPorte, Simon Sinek


Mooji, Yogananda, Ekhart Tolle, Michael Singer, David Hawkins, Byron Katie,

Wayne Dyer, Maya Angelou

Teachers that I studied with in person who I am particularly grateful for:

Don Baba, Molly Carmel, Alan Finger, Jay Vinci, Peter Ferko, Mona Anand, Ali Cramer, Ali Berlin.

Humbly, gratefully, bravely and enthusiastically, I will continue learning.  I will never assume I know the truth.

Never assume that you have attained truth. Don’t make any claim to knowledge. Form no conclusion or evaluation concerning truth. The minute you do, your downfall is assured. Whenever you imagine you know something, you cease being open to the living exploration. You have closed a door and cut off the oxygen to the breathing truth.

- Mooji


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Lovingly find the middle path, don’t fear the edges.

Discipline is tricky. On one hand we have fear of the things that can (and do) go "wrong". We inadvertently fragilize our kids to try and keep them safe and happy, and try to keep us sane. On the other hand, we lose our cool when they "misbehave". Then we yell or...

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Mindfulness is how we harness the power of our attention

The first session in my new Peace Power Parenting program is all about mindfulness and self awareness.    What is mindfulness?  And why the heck does self awareness matter?    I define being mindful as being aware of our attention. What are we shining that powerful...

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Make Progress To Find Your True Inner Strength

Practice makes progress.   Your skills develop over time with constant focus and attention. You're going to have difficult challenges and hard to accept failures. Move past those barriers. Don't give up. Keep focusing on making progress and learning from those...

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