I know what it is like to be overwhelmed, frustrated, not loving life and then feeling guilty for not being grateful. I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with zero judgment, and we will see through your eyes and heart where you are stuck, and we will find the insights and skill shifts to navigate through the challenges, see hope for the future and immediately take actions to make things better than you could imagine. You will come away with specific practices to have more power and happiness in your life EMPOWERING YOU TO BE THE BEST “YOU” YOU CAN BE.

“You barely knew me and were able to connect with my heart and soul in a way that immediately made me feel comfortable and understood. I was able to quickly open up to you because of the judgement-free space you created from the start. (It’s unlike me to open up that quickly so you that has to mean something, right??) You are a beautiful, honest, inspiring soul who genuinely cares about helping others find their happiness and light. I feel lucky to know you already.”

Trust and Respect Yourself.

Getting weighed down by what others think?

Struggle to make decisions and feel good about them?

Anxiety and overwhelm frequently poison your joy?

There are practices for that.

Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships.

Feeling stuck in hurtful, disappointing and dysfunctional relationships?

Day to day logistics draining the joy from your partnerships?

There are practices for that.

Clarity and Achievement of Life Goals.

Feel disconnected from a deeper purpose and fulfillment?

Struggling to manifest what you envision?

Wondering why you self sabotage?

There are practices for that.

Are you ready to
step into your power?

Ready for spiritual strength?

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

3 + 13 =


Insight and skills to make the most of each opportunity for greatness.

Pamela is our modern day Yoda, providing a deeply spiritual and insightful guide like no other. Her words resonate and inspire. I personally cannot stop thinking about the 5 pillars, it feels like I suddenly see them everywhere I turn.

– Professor Amal Shehata
New York University Stern School of Business

Pam's spirituality, honesty, and open approach to becoming your personal best and to self-forgiveness is so uplifting and accessible. I truly believe her message will inspire you, as it inspires me!

– Dr. Whitney Bowe
Renowned Dermatologist

I've known Pamela for 15 years and how she lives her life shows that she knows what she is talking about. Read her book.

– Josie Natori
CEO & founder of The Natori Company


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