The Importance of Nurturing Your Kids

If we want to see our children grow up to be healthy, kind, happy, resilient humans, show how much your kids matter to you. Pay attention to them.  Sounds simple, I know, but it is something that is often overlooked.  Paying attention to them says to them, “you matter, and you have something important to share.” They need to know that they have something important to contribute to this world, and our positive attention gives them that.   Sadly, it’s the feeling of disconnect from that truth that underlies so much of the dysfunction I see in humanity.
When people don’t feel important and worthy of greatness, fear will get the best of them. Fear of not being enough, not being worthy, not mattering. Fear of not being able to contribute something beautiful, whether they know it or not, will hold them back. It will block them from giving and receiving at their highest potential.

Show How Kids Matter : Pay Attention

This all starts for us as children, when we are learning what this world is all about, and what being human is all about. There is this amazing dialectic where we have to endure painful learning opportunities. Sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like kids matter. All while staying connected with a deeper light. Driving us forward to keep getting back up and pressing on. Integrate the positive knowledge of the painful lesson into our future endeavors. Release the painful part of the lesson. That is hard to do. When we pay attention to our children, we are saying to them, “you matter”. Our kids matter and they need to know that. We are saying to them, even though you are not perfect, you are worthy. This validation is critical to helping little people develop a healthy sense of self and resiliency. With a sense of confidence in the process and hope for the future.
By telling our children that they matter, that they are important, yes, they are special, each in their own way… no more special or important than anyone else and yes, infinitely special in their own way… we are gifting them with the seeds of courage to live their best life.

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