Trusting life instead of worrying doesn’t mean you stop working your ass off, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t address the things that need your attention.

I have found that this is a sticking point for many, as it was for me for awhile, so I want to highlight it this week.
When I say “Surrender” or “Trust Life”, or talk about how worrying doesn’t do anything to improve an outcome but rather it actually makes it more likely that the outcome you are fearing actually comes to pass, I am NEVER saying that at any point do we stop doing our best.  Our best means that we work as hard as possible, paying attention to all of the details that need our attention for things to be as good as possible — using a blueprint of what we WANT to achieve as the driving force for our actions, not the fear of what we don’t want to achieve.  Staying in this positive mindset doesn’t mean that we stop working our ass off!  Actually, when we stay in this positive mindset, we have more energy to do better work!  More energy and awareness to catch the things that we need to catch to make everything as awesome as possible!  Being stuck in a place of fear or worry blocks us from the energy and clarity that we need to give 150% to achieve our vision.  Fear can spur action for sure, but it is tainted with a lower level of energy and less clarity around our goals.
Here’s the prescription:
1. See in your mind what you KNOW you can achieve (aka believe in yourself to accomplish big, great things).
2. Stay open to the path of exactly HOW you will achieve it (aka know that you are going to have set backs, steps along the way aren’t going to be how you planned)
3. Keep working your ass off KNOWING that you can get there, and that every setback is figure-out-able and ultimately somehow going to be of benefit.
4. When you feel fear, thank it for coming along for the ride, and see where it is rooted… look for what is TRUE (and question how do you know it is true?) — skillfully navigating fear is a whole other blog post, but remember to be incredibly discerning about what you believe to be true.  Always ACT out of love and faith, but pay attention to fear to decide how to respond to it with love and faith.

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